Fabricación e instalación
Manufacture and assembly of rectangular and circular duct in galvanized and stainless steel ventilation and air conditioning.

Our work is directed, both the construction sector (ventilation garages and erection of chimneys), as collaboration with installation companies (vents and air conditioners, ...), and aid to small and medium enterprises in solving the problems of assessment, filtration and air channeling.

Moncolán qualified staff available for installation of its products, and technical advice in each case may require, not only its products but all related to ventilation and air conditioning, for it collaborates with leading companies in the sector.

Our company is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of metal conduits both as aluminum galvanized steel, able to meet all the customer needs we raised. Furthermore we want to improve every day and for that we have implemented quality standards in the manufacture of CE products.

An important division of our company is responsible for field installation of the conduits for this we have an expert team of professionals. Besides implementing the mechanisms we care most demanding job security and training of our workers.

Our company has the declaration of conformity for our ducts MONCOLAN M2 E600/120. In addition we have written and pledge, the formulas have manufacturing and logistics so that if you have the need for a piece and send us the order before noon we serve it the next day.